Filippo Castellazzi - guitar

At the age of eight Filippo starts studying the alto saxophone with Maestro Silvio Maggioni and theory and solfege at the Primavera music school of Seriate (BG). In 1985 he is introduced by his teacher in the Seriates Corpo musicale primavera.

In 1990, getting interested in different kind of music as Rock and Fusion he starts playing guitar, studying with many players as Thierry Zins, Sandro Gibellini and Paolo Manzolini. In those years he performs in many diverse formations

In 1994 he studied 7 days with Frank Gambale at the “Guitar Cap” in Rome.In 1998 he starts studying at the Conservatorium Van Amsterdam with Jesse van Ruller and Maarten Van Der Grinten. He visited as an active member the following Master classes : Dori Caymmi, Scott Henderson, Mike Stern, John Scofield, Frank Gambale, Jack De Johnette, Eef Albers, Peter Bernstein, Lee Konitz, Larry Goldings, Bill Steward, Dave Holland, Pat Martino, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Nelson Veras. In 2002 he graduated bachelor at the Conservatorium Van Amsterdam with high marks and had the possibility to enter in the “Master Degree Program” 2 years course. In those years he combines the study of the guitar with other disciplines as Composition with Jurre Haanstra, Counterpoint with Henk van Benthem and arranging with Johan Plomp.

He graduated Master in 2004.

2017: Soundtrack for the movie "Tiempo de Lluvia" music by E.Sciandrone.
2016: Ben Littlewood Band “Go your own way” EP
2016: Recording for the album "italian cinema" music written by Enrica Sciandrone for EMI music.
2016: Soundtrack for the Movie "American Fango" (USA) written and directed by: Gabriele Altobelli. Music by Enrica Sciandrone
2015: Soundtrack for the Movie "Peter & Wendy" (iTV) music by Maurizio Malagnini.
2015: Soundtrack for the Movie "Naziha's Lente / Naziha's Spring" IDFA Audience award winner. Directed by Gülsah Dogan
2014: Soundtrack for the short movie "u juornu avanti"
2013: Soundtrack for the BBC serie "The Paradise (serie 2)" Music written by Maurizio Malagnini and performed by the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra
2013: Soundtrack for the Movie "Love of my Life" Music of Enrica Sciandrone, Director: Michael Budd, Written by: Liam Barret
2013: Levi Silvanie - "Different" (OneWay Melodies)
2011: Soundtrack for the BBC TV Serie "Body Farm". Music written by Maurizio Malagnini
2011: Levi Silvanie - "Pret Di Paden" (EP) (OneWay Melodies)
2010: Muddle Earth with the BBC PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA,
(tv serie)
2010: Luciano Maio Orchestra: "Sciuscia lu Ventu" (Rhythmic Skeleton Music)
2010: Levi Silvanie - "Bek" (single + dvd) (onewaymelodies)
2009: Yes - from the diaries of jojo(...) Short movie DVD
2005: Visse Vasse: "Visse Vasse" with Niels Bjerg, Birgitte Lyregaard (vocal) and the award winning saxophone player Tineke Postma. (Cd Baby)
2004: Filippo Castellazzi Quintet: Chiaroscuro with Tino Tracanna and Roberto Cipelli (Paolo Fresu Quintet) Manolo Cabras and Antonio Pisano (Double Stroke Records)
1995: Colori Sonori: "Colori Sonori" (Idea music productions.)

He performed with several groups and bands in different projects. Between the others: Cantare string orchestra for the musical Anatevka, a fiddler on the roof (2007), BBC Philharmonic Orchestra (2010), Tineke Postma, Tino Tracanna, Roberto Cipelli, Levi Silvanie, Venues: among others: Bimhuis (Amsterdam), Copenhagen Jazz Festival (Denmark), Meervardt Theater (Amsterdam), Marphy's Law (Den Haag), Blue Note (Milano), Master Plan Jazz festival (Denmark), Umbria Jazz, Tropen Theater (Amsterdam), Concertgebouw (Amsterdam), Nice Jazz Festival, North Sea jazz club Amsterdam, North Sea Jazz Festival, Haarlem Jazz stad Festival, Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival Aruba...

As a teacher he worked at MEC Muziek Educatie Centrum and Muziekpakhuis in Amsterdam, at Modern Music Academy and "Forte Muziekschool" in Zaandam, at Music Adventure in Lelystad and he collaborated with the Rotterdam and Amsterdam Conservatory.

He can fluently speak Italian, English and Dutch.

He wrote the books Sketches of Theory and Ear Training published by MMA Publishing (Zaandam) and Modern Guitarist a new harmony approach for modern jazz guitarists, published by Bergez Editions in 2009.
He's currently living and working as guitar player and composer in Amsterdam, Holland.


- Elferink Excalibur Archtop (1997) OFF. ENDORSER
- Burgett Classical Guitar
- Godin Multiac Classical Guitar
- Alhambra 3C CWE Classical Guitar
- Gibson ES 335 Dot (1987)
- Godin grand concert duet ambiance Classical guitar
- Lowden Acoustic
- Fender Stratocaster Custom Shop ‘57 Masterbuilt by Jason Smith (roadshow) relic
- Fender Stratocaster Custom Shop 1968 Relic
- Fender Stratocaster '63 Masterbuilt Todd Krause relic
- Fender Stratocaster Custom Classic
- Fender Stratocaster ‘59 Masterbuilt Todd Krause relic
- Fender Telecaster ‘67 Custom Shop relic
- Gibson Les Paul Custom Historic Reissue '58 aged (2001)
- Yamaha BRX170 bass
- Mandolin Recording King 110 RDB oval whole

- Fender Band Master Blackface head (1965)
- Marshall YJM 100 Plexi Head
- Marshall JCM 2000 DSL
- Suhr Badger 35 head
- Friedman Smallbox 50 combo
- Fender Pro Junior custom shop
- Aer Compact 60
- Kemper profiling amp powered head
- Atomic Amplifire
- Suhr 1x12 cabinet
- Bogner 2x12 cabinet
- Fender Piggyback 2x12 (1965)
- Atomic reactor 1x12

- Motu 828 Mk3 Firewire
- Art Pro mpa ii mic preamp
- Palmer pdi 03 speaker simulator (4x)
- Furman PL-8 c
- Furman PC
- Korg Dtr 2000
- Van Amps sole mate reverb
- Analogman kot (x2)
- Analogman Chorus
- Analogman Buffer
- Custom Audio/Dunlop wha wha (2x)
- Suhr Koij Compressor
- Strymon Lex
- Strymon Flint
- Strymon OB.1
- Trex reverb
- Lovepedal tremolo
- MXR Carbon copy
- Electro Harmonic Micro Pog
- Boss RC20 XL
- Boss TU2
- Line6 DL4
- Ibanez Tube Screamer Keleey
- Ernie Ball Volume Pedal
- Xotic RC Booster
- EBow
- Lehle little dual
- Voodoo Lab Amp Selector

- Neumann Km 184 (2x)
- Shure Beta 58A
- Shure SM57
- Shure SM58
- Beyerdynamic Opus 89 (2x)
- Akg C3000